Feeling Older, Canada? So Am I!

lots of red and white

[April 26, Passion Lounge, Toronto – The Exiled Party for JEAR]

I went to bed (relatively) early last night because I was still wiped out from the nonstop weekend, and as a result woke up (un)naturally early this morning. ‘Why not catch a couple more hours?’ I thought to myself, since I had the chance and didn’t know when I’d get this chance again.

OW! In those two hours of sleep, I somehow managed to do something to the right side of my neck and now I can barely move it, and a cramp attacked my right calf. When I slowly crawled out of bed I was hobbling like an elderly person making a lunge for her Zimmer frame, half wishing for a neck brace to magically appear out of the ether.

What happened?!?! Age, that’s what. I haven’t been 36 for two weeks and already the right side of my body is starting to fail me. I haven’t even mentioned yet the thumb joint problem I started having on my second day in Norway. I don’t understand it — all my work is on the computer and I can see developing problems after days of intensive mousing, but I was on holiday and spent very little time with a keyboard and mouse. It originally felt like a dislocation but the pain eventually subsided by the end of that week. The area where the thumb meets the palm doesn’t feel right yet and I’m beginning to wonder if it ever will. Is it all downhill from here???

During last Saturday’s engagement session I was shooting on my knees, on the ground, hanging from railings, and standing on a 7-ft ladder. Perhaps (more) insurance is in order.

Canada is 141 years old today, and going stronger than ever. At 36, hopefully these minor ailments won’t take over and I will be going strong again, too!