Fancy + Rod: The Nuptials Slideshow

Fancy + Rod’s Wedding: Entrance + Ceremony from Gail Edwin-Fielding on Vimeo.

Fancy and Rod came over on Friday night to have a look at their wedding photo collection and take it home on DVD. I put together some slideshows for photo-viewing purposes, but I tend to get caught up in the process of video-making (yes, I suffer from Too Many Hobbies Syndrome) and have to pry myself away from it to focus on the photography.

You might think of videos and photos being very similar to each other, but my approach to each is a bit different. Photographs must stand on their own to tell a story, while video frames individually don’t hold as great a value, but work together along with music to provide the narrative. One reason why I don’t throw away the ‘outtake’ photos is because sometimes they make interesting slideshow videos by digital stitching; they make motion and flow when helped along by music and timing. Singularly they may be lacking, but videos have smaller resolutions so the technical flaws are less noticeable, especially when shown for only a second or two.

That said, video hosting sites like Vimeo and the worst culprit, YouTube, have compression engines that lower frame rates and resolutions so your video comes out looking a little worse for wear. But hey, they’re free… so there’s not much room for complaint.

I made five slideshows out of Fancy and Rod’s wedding photos, and uploaded the one where they make it official. A little disclaimer: the slideshow is a little unpolished, I might replace it with a better version later. The song is “Marry Me” by Amanda Marshall.

Update: Dec 10, 2008 – Fancy + Rod’s Wedding: The Dancing Slideshow