Bring On The Night

crane city

Taken in Alameda, California, the Bay Bridge is off to the left.

I’ve mentioned before how much I like shooting at night, and here’s an example why:

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I love the starburst effect from a narrower aperture (in this case f/29), but it requires using a tripod. I had to borrow Kevin’s tripod for this long exposure (13 seconds). Unfortunately, most point-and-shoots don’t have lenses with that sort of aperture range, the average maximum is around f/8. You’ll have to either borrow a DSLR and a tripod or get a special type of filter on your digicam that will achieve the same effect. I’m sure some of the high-end point-and-shoots (which cost even more than my DSLR) can do something similar in-camera with some post-processing, but I don’t have one of those. In my opinion, if you’re shelling out more than a few hundred dollars for a point-and-shoot, you might as well buy a DSLR and get more value for money. I’d even be glad to show you how to use one, I just don’t think you should waste your money on buying an expensive gadget that can’t do much!