Alley Walk: Part II


(In case you can’t tell, I’m the one losing a battle with gravity.)

What a difference seven weeks make! It’s taken us that long to finish the Alley Walk that was mapped out by

Postponing it for nearly two months had more to do with people’s schedules than the weather, but the warmer temperatures (at least 25 degrees C higher than last month’s outing!) was most welcome! Part I was in the snow, with gloves, scarves, and hats:

Alley Walk: Part I – Sunday, March 2, 2008

On Sunday’s continuation it was more like sandals, sunglasses, and hats. Which included bunny ears and all sorts found along the way:

nothing says spring quite like a pair of fuzzy ears
nothing says spring quite like a pair of fuzzy ears

I missed most of the photo walk because of my, er, unusual hours, but what I did see after I caught up with the alleywalkers was an urban treasure trove of graffiti, especially in the alleys near Queen Street.

exterior decorator

We didn’t do any tobogganing with little kids this time, but we hit the jackpot: somebody found some plastic pins and… *drum roll*


… voila! a bowling alley! (You could see that coming a mile away, couldn’t you?)

Of course, hunger set in for some of us and I suggested brunch at the Gladstone Hotel, which was near the terminus of our alley walk. A latte and a frittata (eggplant, spinach, red onion, goat cheese) hit the spot perfectly, I must say. Sundays don’t seem complete without brunch!

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