Alley Walk: Part I

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Yesterday was a full day! We had meant to join a 4.5 kilometre alley walk sponsored by that started at 11:00 in the morning.

In typical fashion (last Sunday’s brunch began in the same vein), by the time we actually left the cafe at Christie and Dupont to begin the walk it was nearly noon and the Spacing group was far ahead of us. In our alley walking we got a little lost a few times (even with the map!), wandered into people’s backyards — by invitation — to check out their snow forts, went tobaganning with little kids, and stopped for food twice, once beside Christie Pits for Indian takeaway and chai to warm us up and take washroom breaks, the second time in Little Italy at 3:00 to have a meal.

death by ketchup
death by ketchup

I don’t know if we even managed to get halfway through the route! I’m sure the original group finished by the time we went sledding.

Toronto Alley Walk: to be continued, maybe next Sunday

Photos thus far from the walk can be found in the Pictobrowser:

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