A Moment Of Pride

George Washington Bridge from the High Bridge water tower

Wouldn’t you know, after writing posts about copyrighting my work and selling my photos via the internet, I received some samples from my very first print client in the mail today!

It started eight months ago, back at the beginning of March: I got an email asking for permission to use the above photo on behalf of a non-profit in New York City. (Click on the pic for photo details.) The non-profit group wanted it for their benefit invitations and on the cover of an ad journal. It took a few emails back and forth to settle on the price and specifics, and it was from that first client request that I learned how to upsample my Pentax files to meet printing specs, since it’s only a 6MP camera and I shot in JPG that day. (“Necessity is the mother of invention” as they say.) The benefit took place in June while I was in Norway, but I was eager to see how the photo looked in print so I asked for samples before I left.

When I opened up the package today, I felt a surge of pride to see my photo on the print materials and to read the letter from the client, especially the part that said:

“…we were all very happy with the photo. The people at ___ and I agree that your photo was better than the art the show used for their advertising!”

I’m so pleased!!!

In other photography news, I’m thinking of branching out a bit to instruction. Recently I was showing some people how to use their digital cameras, and we discussed the idea of me launching a workshop series aimed to help people take better photographs with their point-and-shoot cameras. It’s something I’ve been doing with people one-on-one, but I’ve been formulating ideas of a workshop formatted for a group with an hour of the basics (composition, demystifying the settings, flash, tips and tricks) followed by an hour of practice shooting. The series would continue into basic editing. I don’t think I’ll have time to do it before year-end, but it’s definitely in the works.

People have also been asking me “When’s the next brunch????” since the last brunch (someone even donated a crepe maker towards it), so maybe I’ll combine the two!