On the Outside Looking In

on the outside looking in

I’ve had a great Sunday so far, but man, I need a nap…

  • Had a leisurely, extra-long brunch with a friend at Morning Glory on King Street East. They have rösti — I’m so pleased!!
  • Got the car washed — it was absolutely filthy. So filthy there are parts which remain stubbornly filthy.
  • Bought replacement headlight bulbs (and I know how to put them in when the time comes). There were so many codes on the package I couldn’t find it, and in the end it took three people to track it down!
  • Tried out Rain-Ex and replaced my windshield wipers with good quality ones after a bit of a struggle to put them on properly. Initially I had the blades upside down and froze my fingers in the stiff wind, but I figured it out before caving in and asking someone to help me.
  • Spent the rest of the afternoon taking photos in the Distillery District. I succumbed to the urge to visit the SOMA Chocolate Shop, knowing I likely wouldn’t leave empty handed. At first I turned away, but it drew me back in like a magnet!
  • Stalked a pigeon coming and going from its roost in an old warehouse in order to take photos of it in flight. It was a battle of nerves versus the cold, and the pigeon was winning. We’ll see if the shots are any good. If not, it’s Pigeon 1 Gail 0.