Keep the Outtakes


From our photo archives, off David’s work computer. It’s taken me a long time to be able to go through our photos. I was putting something together for a wedding, and I stayed up all night just looking at photos. I’d been putting it off, then suddenly I couldn’t stop looking.

David didn’t like having his picture taken, but I’d try and be stealthy and sneak up on him with my vari-angle screen. Note the reluctance in his face. David was pretty shy in front of the camera, but he eventually got used to it. I guess I didn’t give him a choice.

There are quite a few photos I’ve never posted because I considered them outtakes: out-of-focus, poor composition, crappy lighting, et cetera. Now my motto is more like “shoot now, rescue later” and use big (high-capacity) memory cards. Also, back up and store.

But keep the outtakes.