Defying Gravity

defying gravity

December 19, 2006

Holly‘s older girl, now a big sister!

I didn’t do much with this photo, actually. Just a bit of radial blur and lightening. I lay on the floor and told her to stand over me. (Which is what I did for my Flickr icon: I put the camera on the floor and stood over it.)

I took the photo the week before Christmas, that’s how behind I am! I’ve been too busy to photograph much lately, and without the Nokia 6682 cameraphone I’m not taking nearly as many photos as I usually do. Still debating whether to try fixing the Canon A80’s kaput button.

It’s midnight as I’m writing this and I’m working with a photo or two in Photoshop just to decompress from the evening. Group Therapy #3 didn’t feel as difficult as #2 last week, but it was still very heavy. Photography is my favourite creative outlet, and I’ve not been engaging in it much lately due to time constraints. Also, contrary to popular belief, I like sleeping…

This weekend I’d like to get out the Pentax K-1000 and shoot some film. One good thing about shooting with an old film camera is that there are no electronics, which means no lithium battery to go wonky in cold winter weather. The Pentax is my all-weather camera!