City Lights

city lights

In my desire to befriend Toronto rather than remain a casual acquaintance, I’m trying to capture it in all seasons and look at it in unique ways (unique to me, anyway).

It’s also my way of decompressing from what feels like a very compressed week. I was in a work meeting on Thursday, and it was all I could do to push coefficients out of my head from Wednesday night to make way for spreadsheets. I was thinking about the centre of gravity on airplanes while trying to visualize financial data and how best to organize it. Meanwhile, people were talking and I was concentrating intently to assimilate information and not let my mind wander into aviation territory. It’s interesting to think of numbers existing in contrasting environments, identical in appearance but bearing no relation to each other in these two contexts, like a twin who works in theatre and one who operates a forklift for a living. Interesting to think about, but terribly distracting!

Anyway, this is the kind of thing that froths around in my head and at some point I have to release it all — or at least put it aside for a couple of days — and pinch the right hemisphere of my brain because it’s been snoozing all week. At least, it feels that way. After Thursday evenings at BFO, the Friday morning alarm turns into the harshest sound on earth and coffee becomes a compulsory beverage. I’m surprised if I can be good company to anyone on Friday evening, but I try to make a plan because doing things on Friday nights extends the illusion of a weekend…

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