Heritage Vancouver: A Call For Artists

This email languished in my inbox for nearly two weeks, and I hadn’t given it a second look until today:


Below is a link to a Call for Artists for an exhibition Heritage Vancouver is hosting to coincide with their Annual General Meeting on October 18th at the Vancouver Museum.

Vancouver Arts & Culture Forum: Call to Artists

To get things started we have created an on-line gallery of art inspired by the Burrard Street Bridge. One of your works has been included in the gallery to provide an example to show how each work of art can be displayed on line and linked to the artist’s web site.

Heritage Vancouver: Burrard Street Bridge Online Gallery

If you would like to show or sell any of your work related to this theme at the exhibition, add more art work on the theme to the on-line gallery, or if you would like to have your work removed, please let us know. Also, if you know of other artists who may wish to participate, please feel free to forward this message.

Thank you

Janet Leduc, Heritage Vancouver and Roger Chilton, Vancouver Arts and Cultures Forum

The photo they used for the online gallery of art inspired by the Burrard Street Bridge is this one:

Burrard Bridge 6/9

One of my favourite photos, I shot it more than two years ago with the Canon A80. Not bad for a point-and-shoot. It’s the third piece from the left, and one of the few photos in their online gallery.

The AGM for Heritage Vancouver is the day after tomorrow so this is probably too late, but hey, it’s worth submitting your art if you can.