The Old Barn

the old barn

Pentax K-1000
May 30, 2006
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

Those who went to Rhinebeck on May 30 for the first time were probably not surprised to find it a little… rustic. That’s the way David liked things: time-worn, lots of character, unpretentious. Every week he’d listen to his favourite radio program — A Prairie Home Companion — narrated by Garrison Keillor, a master storyteller, about a fictional place called Lake Wobegon. This photo reminds me of Keillor’s stories:

“The town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota, lies on the shore against Adams Hill, looking east across the blue-green water to the dark woods. From the south, the highway aims for the lake, bends hard left by the magnificent concrete Grecian grain silos, and eases over a leg of the hill past the SLOW CHILDREN sign, bringing the traveler in on Main Street toward the town’s one traffic light, which is almost always green. A few surviving elms shade the street.”
– Lake Wobegon Days (ch. 1)