Saturday Shopping

Saturday shopping

I took this photo a month ago in Düsseldorf, Germany. I didn’t have more than a few seconds to take the picture of the three ladies together because of the angle of the light and before anyone could get in front of them to block the sun.

Conventional rules say not to shoot towards the light, but I think this rule is meant to be broken for certain effects. I wanted to get the silhouette of the three of them walking together dressed for a late spring afternoon, carrying their shopping and umbrellas. I wanted a bit of motion blur, their postures (implying their ages), but not their faces. I also wanted as long a shadow as I could get from their legs and feet. This is a lot to ask for from a simple digicam!

Michael must’ve thought I was a bit mad sneaking around behind them like that, but I took the shot before he told me I looked like a stalker. They were none the wiser.

Certain visuals happen to catch some but not others, I suppose. Everyone has their own favourite subjects. I especially enjoy taking photos of little kids and old people — capturing formative years and ageing really appeals to me.