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BCE Place
BCE Place

I hadn’t been taking many shots with the Pentax in May, but when Rachael rolled into town on the 25th, knowing she’d bring the Contax and trashcams to her old stomping grounds was more than enough inspiration for me to rouse the Pentax from its hibernation. (If Rachael can lug her equipment across the country, I can schlepp the Pentax down the street, no?) My trusty 50mm lens had its aperture half-open like a sleepy eye.

the time-out corner
time-out corner

I had an interview the morning of the 26th, but once that was over the early rainclouds parted and we ambled down eclectic Queen Street West, home of many photographic opportunities and the tastebud-tempting Red Tea Box.

I’ll let Rachael’s entry take over from here.

Both of us have yet to post our photos of the Hive Dress at A Space Gallery. It’s one of those must-be-seen-up-close installations because it’s large enough to get inside. Rachael did just that while I snapped away on the outside. [Update: Rachael uploaded a picture here.]

I still feel very much like a tourist in Toronto even though I live here now. When I had lunch with Krisanne after returning from Europe in April, I remember having a distinct “Where am I?” moment. It took me a bite and a swallow of my Chinese food to get my whereabouts straight and adjust to my sense of “home” rather than “away”. Maybe she gets that, too, being more “away” than “home” due to the travel requirements of her job.

metal jumble
parking the ride along Queen Street

[This tangent is brought to you by my cup of Tetley tea, which apparently doesn’t have enough caffeine in it to keep me wandering away from a neatly-wrapped closing sentence.]