It’s Oh So Quiet

Longwood Gardens

Pentax K-1000
June 1, 2006
Longwood Gardens near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

I realised earlier this evening that I hadn’t posted any photos from our excursion to Longwood Gardens when I went to Pennsylvania TWO trips ago. Many thanks to Adrian for taking us there!

I took the title of this post off the Bjork song of the same name, from her Post album. I’m trying to think quiet, tranquil thoughts by looking at quiet, tranquil pictures. I came across this one, then Bjork’s song sprang to mind.

My friends from Germany are presently making their way to Montreal and Gigi’s Papa departed this morning, so I have the place all to myself again. I had a meeting with the event coordinator at the Gladstone Hotel this afternoon, and spent the rest of today taking care of things related to Picture the Cure. This afternoon I bought an iPod Nano (plus USB camera connector) to raffle off that evening, and I even talked the guy at the Apple store in Eaton Centre into coming to the show and bringing friends! Still lots to do with only six days left, but it’s slowly coming together.