Colour Differences Between Browsers

photo by Ben McLeod

Left: Safari
Right: Firefox

I don’t know why I haven’t noticed this before. I was looking at this gorgeous photo in Ben McLeod’s photostream in Safari while in David’s Flickr account (Ben is one of David’s contacts), then pasted the URI into Firefox, where I use Flickr with my own account. Flipping between the two browsers, I noticed a huge colour difference between the two. In Safari, the colours are richer, more saturated, while in Firefox the shades are rather dull by comparison.

Thing is, I use Firefox probably 60% of the time, but more importantly, I use it to access my Flickr account and have calibrated Photoshop to match the colour settings. Now I wonder — was this a good idea? I know colours look different from monitor to monitor, Macintosh to Windows to Linux, so there is never going to be one universal setting, but if I use Firefox to calibrate my colours, does that mean the colours look supersaturated, i.e. ridiculous, in Safari or Internet Explorer? Maybe I should check that out.