A State of Managed Chaos

blustery in New York 2

blustery in New York blustery in New York 3

Taken yesterday in front of the 9/11 Memorial on Staten Island. My face is frozen solid here, as the winds are ABSOLUTELY GLACIAL.

Like my hair, things are a bit wild at the moment. Arrived back from New York near midnight, and have been running around today with phone in hand. In future, if anyone reading this needs advice on exporting a car from the United States and importing it into Canada, I would be glad to give you my two cents. I won’t bore the rest of you to tears with the (many) details, only to mention that I can’t register the car in Canada without a deregistration stamp from the American authorities on the back of the title, and there are all sorts of hoops to jump through before that can take place. It sounds like the two agencies work together, but I can tell you they do not!!

The New York trip was fun with a capital F, but now it’s back to the business at hand: moving. Anyone want to trade lives for a while?