We Pay a Visit to Zero-Two-Papa

I made him wear a toque

AviatorDave Zero Two Papa
I had to pull over and take a photo

David’s still working on his plane-buying saga, so I’ll post about today. The weather was iffy, but I’d hoped for enough clear sky to make a trip out to Cherry Ridge Airport. David hadn’t seen his plane for about five weeks and there was some maintenance to be done on the Tri-Pacer. Also, the temperature has dropped tremendously in the last few weeks and the hangar doors weren’t fully shut. As always, photo ops and getting David outside were other motivations. Oh, and food… in the past few trips to the airport we’d missed opening hours at the airport café, and the food there is de-lish and cheap! The café owners are a kind and cheery lot, to boot.

On the way to Cherry Ridge we stopped by Ritter’s Farm and ogled the autumn carnival set-up on the property, complete with pumpkin cannon, the Goat Hotel, miniature train, teepees filled with spookiness, and lots of shrieking children. We knew it was time to mosey when a goat tried to eat my scarf.

David was feeling alright during the half-hour or so drive, so I tried to whet his appetite by ordering food I thought he could handle. Well shiver me timbers, the guy ended up eating a WHOLE MEAL plus dessert! My theory of late is that asking David if he felt like eating, what he felt like eating, or ordering food for myself that might tempt him would glean entirely different results. Responses vary according to latest chemotherapy, painkillers, whether Penn State football is on, outside temperature, body temperature, fatigue, and the alignment of the Milky Way to the rest of the universe. In other words, what meal I can coax David to eat, or if he’ll eat at all, is a total crapshoot. Today’s a good day. Tomorrow… we’ll try again.

Armed with a full belly and a toque*, David set about tinkering with Zero-Two-Papa, performing routine maintenance and readying it for the winter ahead. While he was running the engine to let the battery recharge, I wandered over to the field with abandoned cars to see if I could catch some good light on chrome. The maintenance finished and David tuckered out, we stored the Tri-Pacer and packed up for home again. On the drive back, we witnessed some of Pennsylvania’s finest sunset and were happy to be outside to enjoy it.

* Canadianism: knitted winter hat. Original meaning is “a woman’s small, brimless, close-fitting hat”, a definition hijacked by the fictional Canadian characters Bob and Doug Mackenzie, of Strange Brew fame.