The Wedding Cake Saga

our wedding cake

The cake was ivory and the calla lilies were orange (see Hendrik? I don’t hate orange!), but I shot this with film and with the room lighting couldn’t get the colours to come out properly… hence the sepia.

David never did see the cake (the ceremony was in the Lackawanna Room, the dinner in the Johnson Room), and I didn’t know what to do with it afterwards. The Radisson ended up holding onto it for almost a week, because the cake shop where I bought it didn’t have space. I kept stalling with the hotel because I couldn’t find a home for it — we have a side-by-side fridge/freezer, so it wouldn’t fit. It took a while to find someone with a freezer with the proper dimensions, and that was purely coincidental — our neighbour’s mother decided to get rid of her freezer and had it delivered to her son. My friend Berit had extended her visit from Hamburg to spend time with us after the wedding, and I’m glad she was here to help me transfer it from the Radisson to the neighbour’s house. What a malarkey!

We’ll break out the cake again when the time’s right.