The Apple Series

Magic apple

This is what I was working on last night when we got home somewhere near midnight from dinner/ballet. As per Gail-usual, it started out as something entirely different. I’d opened the fridge to get milk or something, saw the apple, and thought of this. I would have preferred a red apple or a very colourful fruit/vegetable, but that green apple was the only produce we had in the fridge. This morning, David got inspired and Photoshopped my green apple to a red one.

I also happened to be wearing, for the first time, a silver cross that was a bridesmaid’s gift at my friend’s wedding last year in England. That’s where my symbolism got a little heavy-handed, but there’s something to be learned in every experiment. I’ve got some other photography ideas waiting to be executed, some for various projects, but it’ll have to wait. We’re off to meet David’s mom for dinner again before we see another performance — this time it’s ragtime piano.