Steamtown National Historic Site

worn by time

To come from a tourism-mad modern city to settle in a former industrial boomtown locked in the early part of the last century means a changing of photographic gears. I have to go looking for the touristy bits to show visitors, and the most touristy place for miles around is the Steamtown National Historic Site.

It’s unusual because it was funded by the Feds as a national historic site, which is a designation normally reserved for nature parks, not museums. David says it was called a “pork barrel project” by other senators.

When I first met David, he’d planned on taking me to Steamtown, but in the end we didn’t go inside the museum because we’d run out of time, so we contented ourselves with taking a few exterior photos. I think it’s quite obvious the lower three photos were the ones taken last year, because… they’re crap! (Lighting, contrast, colour all need correcting.) I took the top three and the photo at left last Sunday, and except for the hydrant pic those four were shot with the Pentax K-1000.

Anyway, as is typical with most locals and tourist sites, neither David nor I have gotten around to visit Steamtown yet. It’s one of things we must do soon, especially since David is a history buff and I’m sure we’d could easily while away an afternoon or two in there.