Nay Aug Park – Saturday

the magnificent red tree

the reddest tree I've ever seen

opposites attract

Some shots of the magnificent red tree in Nay Aug Park. There’s still plenty of colour around here, and I took advantage of favourable conditions last Saturday to drive out to the park and wander around with my camera. I came upon some walking trails which I’ll explore further when I’ve got my winter boots on, and I also found a community greenhouse that appears to have been abandoned for the season. Either the caretakers left town overnight or some ne’er-do-wells took it upon themselves to stamp around the property, because it looks neglected — broken fences, signs not taken down, that kind of thing. It’s a shame, because I’m sure in the summer it was a beautiful splash of flora.

In related news, I found a local photography group online that meets once a month at a local college. From their website, they look like a well-organised bunch with regular activities. (A healthy treasury, even!) I had a peek at some of the photo galleries, and they’re pretty diverse. I’m especially excited about the fact they have their own catalogues published, ongoing projects, and juried exhibitions. I’m looking forward to the learning experience and meeting other photographers. Their next meeting is December 7.

forgotten flowersleft to its own devicesthe garden wall