My New Red Scarf

my new red scarfmy new red scarf

Last Thursday in Wilkes-Barre, I found one of those versatile stretchy scarves that can be worn a dozen different ways — as a wrap, scarf, hybrid wrap/scarf, etc. So I took some self-portraits with it because it had been many moons since I took the last one. Not bad for bathroom lighting and handheld (no tripod).

I also needed a new icon in Flickr. David didn’t like the somewhat stylised version on the right, but I argued that the left photo had too much detail, which doesn’t translate well into icons. Flickr icons are so tiny that the best photos are the ones with minimal details, the fewer colours the better. In case anyone thinks I “Michael Jackson-ed” myself, HELL NO! I’m always the last one to slap on the sunscreen, so I have to live with Farmer’s Tan for months.