Metro Photography Concerns

Paris metro 1/3Paris metro 2/3Paris metro 3/3

I have a thing for metro photos. New York, Barcelona, Paris, London, Washington, Vancouver, wherever there’s a subway or metro, I want to take photos. This was the first series I shot with a digicam, on the way to Montparnasse station in Paris last year to catch the TGV. I was in a hurry (as usual), but I managed to get three shots.

Thing is, I don’t have many metro photos yet. I’ve been either too busy trying to catch the train or I feel too self-conscious about taking photos of people at the stations.

In New York, the transit authorities have tried to ban photos on the MTA, but have been unsuccessful thus far due to large public outcry:

Photo bans are serious business. This woman in Seattle was fired for violating a U.S.-wide photo ban (her husband was also fired):

If the Seattle Times has archived that news story, I’ve created a PDF of it for download here:
Seattle Times article, PDF (520 kbs)