‘I Wouldn’t Belong to a Club That Would Have Me As a Member’

Famous words by Groucho Marx.

I did, in fact, join a photography club earlier this evening:

Northeast Photography Club

There was a mixup on the website, so I actually showed up an hour early along with two others, so we three had a good natter while waiting for the rest to arrive. The club formed in 1989, so it’s a well-established organisation with a board, critiques, competitions, themes, published catalogues, and regular exhibitions in venues such as Penn State and Everhart Museum. In other words, nothing like my summer o’ love with Vandigicam, but culturally speaking, in line with what I would expect for an East Coast formation of photography enthusiasts.

My goals are to discover the best of both worlds, meet people, and be more in touch with the community. This is the best place to start, I think. Also, there should be at least one Canadian in every mix! At the very least to spread the little-known fact that not all of Canada is held hostage in winter by subzero (Celsius) temperatures!

Now that my shutterbugging is shifting to film, it’s probably the optimal time to join such a group. There was a slideshow presentation and I’m ashamed to say I don’t possess a single slide. I haven’t shot slide film since high school. Photography books were passed around, and when I filled out the membership form I had a conspicuous blank space at ‘workshops taken’ and ‘published works’. One of the members was recently published in Photography magazine for an architecture shot. Yes, I have much to learn from this group. I’ll be reading my ‘photography fundamentals’ books over the holidays and have a lot of cramming to do before the next meeting (in January). There is a juried Club show in March, and I’d like to submit at least one photograph that’ll pass muster.