Flanked by Catholics

Our house
Our house
[photo by AviatorDave]

We flew over our neighbourhood today, and I took some photos of our house with David’s camera, which has a 10x zoom and image stabiliser. If you click on the left photo, you’ll see notes of which house is ours — it’s on the right side, just to the left of the church parking lot. The photo on the right is zoomed in; the house is just up from the centre point.

What you see here is that we’re completely surrounded. “Holy Name of Jesus” church is directly beside us, and if we were Catholic, we could attend every mass less than five minutes after brushing our teeth. The church even owns the vacant lot on the other side of us, and the rectory is beside the church.

Every day at 6 o’clock (pm, thankfully), the fake bells ring from the fake belltower, and the melodic sound of electronic bell recordings waft into our house. The neighbourhood genetic make-up is mostly Italian and Irish, so it makes sense to have a Catholic church to anchor it. It’s mighty ironic, though, that we end up living next door… can I have a convenience store instead?