Digital Hairdressing

digital hairdressing

A Photoshop experiment, which is cheaper — and quicker — than going to the salon. (Click on the photo for method used.) Not that I pay much for a haircut, anyway ($14), but at least I don’t have to make an appointment for Photoshopping. I don’t like getting my hair done and consequently avoid it until absolutely necessary. I have a good hairdresser in Vancouver, a Japanese lady who used to work at Suki’s (cha-ching!) but now works from home since having kids. With my headful of thick, coarse hair it takes around an hour to finish a cut, and that’s an hour I could’ve spent doing something more interesting.

Last month the dry ends were driving me bananas, so I took some scissors to it and had David trim the back. It’s long enough that our amateurish swipes aren’t too noticeable, but I’m going to need a proper cut soon. I’ve been cutting David’s hair, which has been made easier with a pair of trimming shears I bought off It took ages to find a decent pair that wasn’t for horses or cost $200, but it was still relatively easier than trying to find it locally, which turned up diddly-squat.