Altered Ego

altered ego

Didn’t keep track of what I fiddled with for this photo in July. Just fumbling about in Photoshop, as per usual, and found the pic by accident. Decided to upload.

Finished the image archiving on my hard drive — FINALLY — so I’m shooting again. The sun’s been peeking in and out of the clouds today, so I took advantage of it and shot nearly two rolls of film this afternoon. Normally I take photos almost every day, so I’ve been antsy lately with the Pentax K-1000. These days I prefer it to my digital camera — the major downside is the hassle of dropping off film, picking it back up again, and scanning it. What a bore.

But I love the sound of the shutter, the depth of field (I’m using a 50mm lens, mostly), and the way it feels in my hands. It’s an old camera, but I’m not nervous about it getting dropped or stolen — which is how I’d feel if I had a DSLR. I will get a prosumer DSLR sometime, but I’m in no hurry at the moment. We still have three cameras in the house. My biggest wish right now is for David’s cancer to go into remission, then I can resume my materialistic goals…