Anybody read life lines?

I was in the mood for a little digicam experimentation while at Horseshoe Bay earlier, so I fooled around a bit with some of the manual features.

I love macro photos, so I used it with the setting for the greatest depth of field, and this is the first pic I took. A bit blurry as I wasn’t really shooting anything in particular, but there’s something about it I find quite appealing.

I experimented with the macro setting to see how close I could shoot to my subject, and this is it. The detail of my thumb is quite good for the Canon lens I’ve got (A80), which is equivalent to 38-114mm in a 35mm film camera. I’m tempted to go out and buy more lenses for it, but it seems a bit frivolous and I’m trying to conserve money for upcoming travels. Maybe I’ll just get a couple of filters instead: UV and polarising. I haven’t looked at the prices of filters and lenses for so long that I’m probably way out of touch with their current prices. Mind you, that was pre-digital, as well… that means I’m WAY off.